pole01The expression ‘Pole Dancing’ produces the same reaction as Knickers, Bottom and Poo used to when we were at primary school. Snigger snigger! But most, if not all men who watch it have no idea what an art it is, or what it entails.

Pole Dancing, or Vertical Dance as it’s also known, takes as long as a year to learn. It’s very difficult to make it look polished and perfect and it requires a lot of training and hard work.
I went along to a Pole Dancing class to find out how it’s done – and hopefully to burn off some calories!
An hour’s exercise burns off up to 350 calories per session.
Each session starts with a warm-up on the ground to encourage flexibility.
Moisturiser or creams are strictly out! They could cause accidents by preventing a safe grip of the pole.
There are hundreds of moves, often with dance movements added in on the ground.
pole02Most moves have the right knee bent round the pole, with one or both hands holding tightly above the head.
Dancers can spin forwards, backwards (known as a Dizzy) or upside-down.
The poles can be fixed, or loosened at the top and bottom so that they spin freely-and boy can they spin fast!
Pole Dancing is often very painful, and dislocated and stiff muscles are common, especially the next day!
We all had to be barefoot as the feet are used as brakes, to slow us down and to stop.
I burnt all the skin off the bottoms of my feet and I couldn’t walk properly for over a week!

So if you have a chance to watch Pole Dancers in action, spare a thought for what they go through. Admire their moves. And when your mates are trying to impress each other by shouting ‘Woo!’ and ‘Gor’ and other manly noises, you can shout, ‘Good Fireman’s!’ or ‘Wow, she’s done a Dizzy!’ and you’ll out-impress the lot of them!

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