trollLook who’s back again. (See the last Give us this day our Daily Blog. Comments.) It’s Psychotroll!

He’s hiding behind another silly Alias, but the bad grammar and spelling are pathetically obvious.

I couldn’t be bothered to approve it last night as I had other things to do. But by the timing, it’s obvious that he goes home from the pub, then sits down in front of his computer to insult goodness knows how many innocent people who he’s never met!

He’s possibly jealous of the beggars because, although he’s on Benefits, he doesn’t have the courage to beg for more  money to pay for his tattoos and takeaways.

His idea of begging is sidling up to people in the pub and talking Politics when they’re buying a drink.

You can almost hear them all heaving a sigh of relief when he finally leaves.

Notice that he didn’t react to Albert’s  Comment about him.

Why? Because Albert’s a man and he’s scared of men. So he hurls abuse at 5 ft tall, hard-working, decent-living women.

Ooh, what a Macho Man!

For those of you who live in other countries, Dear Readers, this is a growing disease in the UK. Not only is the country full of non-working scroungers, it’s also getting a worrying epidemic of Trolls, who send anonymous emails to innocent people; the same people who pay taxes to buy their computers for them. How weird is that?!

Poor Sara Payne, whose daughter Sara was kidnapped and murdered by a paedophile,  followed by her marriage break-up and a stroke, has had to stop her Twitter account. Why? Because she had so many emails from Trolls. How sick and evil is that?

They didn’t Tweet the murderer; they Tweeted the victim’s mother!

This is what Trolls do,  Dear Readers. They’re cowardly scum.

I’m going to the Police and reporting him, because I don’t know how dangerous he could be.

There is now a 2-year prison sentence for Trolls.

Even if I withdraw my charges, (which I won’t) the hunt goes on as they’re still sentenced for mis-use of BT equipment.

You’re going down, Psychotroll!

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