Henley 2014 142 (Small)Driving through Henley, I followed the road to the village of Stoke Row. There was hardly any traffic on the road, and miles of woods and countryside.

At last, I saw the sign for the Cherry Tree Inn.

I’m only 5ft tall, but my head was nearly touching the beams. The locals must have been a lot shorter when the pub was built, over 500 years ago!

My room was the Cherry. All the rooms are named after fruit.

It’s a lovely room, immaculate, tastefully decorated, and better than some of the 4-star hotel rooms that I’ve stayed in!

We met Lolly for lunch, and as it was a warm Sunday midday, we decided to eat outside.

Dressed Devon Crab with Salad was on the Specials board, but I fancied the Roast Beef.

I asked if I could have the crab for a starter, and it was no trouble at all. So I had the crab and the beef!

Although I was full, the sweets were too tempting to resist. And I was curious to try the chilled melon soup with strawberries.

It was a refreshing end to a lovely, freshly-cooked meal.

Lolly drove us to Greys Court, which was bustling with hundreds of people as there were several events taking place.

As parts of the house are early Tudor, the ticket numbers are limited to 600 people a day. But the grounds are very popular with hikers and dog walkers.

Above the gate beside the house are four statues of little boys. I couldn’t help laughing when a real little boy pointed upwards and called out in horror, ‘Dad, they’ve got their willies out!’

Next, we went to Stonor Park.

See my separate article. I fell in love with it.

Finally, we visited Badgemoor Park Golf Club.

As you’ve probably read in past articles, Dear Readers, I HATE golf! But I must admit that the old Manor House, Badgemoor House was an attractive building, and the views on the Course were very pretty. And, unlike a lot of Golf Clubs, they welcome visitors, who can play on the course in the afternoons. But it’s probably a good idea to phone first. All the details are at the bottom of the page.

By then, the sun was setting, and can you believe that we were getting hungry again? So off we went to The Unicorn.

It juts out on a corner of several roads in Kingwood Common.

Lolly designed the décor, and she could easily get a job as an Interior Designer!

She hasn’t touched the interior structure though, and it has a large fireplace, and several little rooms leading through each other.

I had an interesting starter of Smoked Chicken and Baby Pear with a Peppadew and Rocket Salad.

The Roast Beef was beckoning, but I’d had it once that day, so I chose Breaded Pork Fillet on Wilted Sspinach, with a Potato & Sage Bhaji & a Peach Curry Sauce.

Finally I had Iced Blackberry Parfait & Brandy Snap Basket filled with Stewed Apples.

Oh boy, did I sleep well in my king-sized bed!

Lyn’s Negative Comment;

When I got back to my Cherry room, there was a large slice of the most delicious chocolate cake there. Unfortunately it was a waste, as I was absolutely stuffed!

It would have been better to have turned back the duvet and left a couple of chocolate mints on the pillows.

In the morning, we had breakfast in the Cherry Tree. The service was good, and there was a large choice, and lots of food on the plates.

After that, Lolly collected us and took us to the Henley River & Rowing Museum, followed by a cruise along the Thames. (See my Henley article.)

Then we walked across the bridge to the Little Angel Henley.

It’s like a Tardis. You step into an old, narrow pub, and it stretches back and out.

Again, Lolly’s design of the interior is top-quality. Everything subtly blends together.

The pub is apparently haunted by Mary Blandy. In 1751, she murdered her Father by tipping arsenic into his tea. When he died, some local people chased Mary across the bridge, where she was protected by the landlady of the Little Angel Inn.

Mary was hanged in 1752 at Oxford Castle. But she’s been seen by drinkers in the pub for many years.

(I’m sure that you can fill in your own jokes here!)

I had an absolutely gorgeous, tender ribeye steak, and an alcohol-free cocktail. But then I had to make a move to get along the M25 before the rush hour.

I was disappointed because there are thousands of red kites around Henley. They were re-introduced about 13 years ago, and they’ve bred like mad. But I didn’t even see one!


Hi Lolly, I thoroughly enjoyed my Henley trip.

Loved having you along Lyn.

What’s your husband’s name, as you both run it?

His name is Douglas Green

Are all the pubs listed buildings?

Yes but some parts are new and not listed.  The Little Angel is one of the oldest in Berkshire apparently.  The Cherry Tree Inn main building is 500 years old.  Not sure how old the original part of The Unicorn is but it’s old!

How often do you change the menus?


Is it just the Cherry Tree with accommodation?

Sadly yes….

How long have you been doing this?

We have been in Henley since 2004.  Husband did chefing and pub running for many, many years prior to this in London and the UK.

What are your future plans?


Why are you different  & why should anyone stay at your place/visit your pubs?

We give customers what they want.  We are sensitive to the demographic of customers and deliver a quality product with good price points.  We also take a lot of care in producing interesting and unique interiors and years of pub operations means we have great staff, well trained, happy and attentive and always waiting to please.  We just do what we do well and people seem to love it.

Lolly Green

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