sleepAlthough I’m not 100% teetotal, I rarely drink alcohol now. It makes my limbs ache and I feel lethargic. So why do I wake up every morning with a hangover? I don’t sleep very well, especially when there’s a full moon. I’m restless and uncomfortable too, tossing and turning around.

If I’m tired and go to bed early, I’ll fall asleep at once, then wake up in the early hours and stay awake for ages. And if I go to bed late, I still wake up in the night. The Chinese take this very seriously, with their Feng Shui. My computer used to be in the bedroom, but it’s in my garden office now. I’ve got a new bed and carpet, there’s no mirror at the end of the bed, and all paths are unblocked. Maybe my bed’s pointing in the wrong direction, but I can’t do anything about that as the room has fitted furniture.

Every night I have the most vivid, imaginative dreams. I’m often still thinking about them when I wake up. And I’ve had some of my best ideas first thing in the morning, in what I call the Sleepy-Wakey time, when my brain is at its most relaxed. And of course as soon as I fully wake up, I’m busy thinking about it.

I often have active dreams. I’m doing a load of cooking, or saving the world from a Holocaust. (Of course I’m the natural leader!)

So when I wake up, I’m absolutely exhausted. It’s hard work organising everyone to fight for their lives, or build a shelter out of the rubble!

All suggestions on how to have a good night’s sleep will be welcomed – please!

About Lyn

LYN FUNNELL CV (well, sort of!) Lyn had very successful careers as an Air Hostess, Sales Rep, (she was one of only a couple of women. She beat all the men regularly, becoming the Top Rep in the UK, and 2nd in the world.) And then Catering took over. She did everything from the washing-up, to Silver Service Waitress, and Chef. A few times, she had to cook the meal, dash round the other side and Silver Serve it! In between all this, she wrote as often as she could, building up a reputation as a published short story writer, (Horror and a twist in the tale,) and a Poet. She has appeared as a Performing Poet, and a Demo Chef. Then she discovered the world of the Food & Travel Writer. And that’s what she has continued doing to this day. Her main hobbies are Cookery and entering Competitions. She has won many prizes, including holidays and a moped. She enjoys entering Competitions, submitting her original recipes. She was first in many Competitions, including the Good Housekeeping Millenium Menu, Fruits of France, Bernard Matthews Turkey Recipe, and appeared on BBC’s The One Show Spag Bol contest. She was one of three Finalists, coming 2nd, which makes her Britain’s Spag Bol Queen! Now she runs B-C-ing-U! and loves it! After several years of being messed around by Editors, and having loads of contacts, Lyn formed her own online Magazine, vowing to treat her writers fairly, and to do everything possible to further their careers, publicise their books, etc. She now has a band of excellent regular writers, and the Magazine’s going from strength to strength! Lyn’s online published books; Adverse Camber A collection of my published poems. The First Book of Short Stories The Second Book of Short Stories The Third Book of Short Stories. Many of these stories have been previously published. St Anthony of Padua. The Patron St of the Old. A story of one woman’s terrible ordeal in a Home, and her family’s rescue of her. The Girl Who Watched. A Cuban girl is attacked by an English journalist & what follows! Willy the Whizz & the Wormhole. Suitable for Young Adults, aged 15-95! Get Out Of Debt And Stay Out – Forever! Unsympathetic, hard-hitting, realistic solutions to your problems. All these books are published by Andrews UK Ltd No, I didn’t pay them to Vanity Publish! They’re all available from Amazon, and many other online publishers. LYN FUNNELL.