Lorikeet in the garden. Taken by Reginald J. Dunkley

Lorikeet in the garden. Taken by Reginald J. Dunkley

Hello from a very warm down under. Here we are into June and the weather is still summery, bright sunshine and a very occasional shower. The snow fields are desperate as there is no snow, and the retail shops are not selling winter clothing, so more sales. The weather is topsy turvy but enjoyable while it lasts.

Sydney is ablaze with the “Vivid Festival of Lights.” This annual event has transformed the city into a spectacular canvas of light, music, sculptures, and installations. Martin Place has a “Digital Forest” an exploration of animated light, it is a “Forest” of shapes, colours and ideas made up by 120 3D led tubes that the viewers can manipulate. The Harbour has become an aquatic wonderland with ferries, cruise vessels, and water taxis all brightly illuminated as they zip around. Musical sculptures “That Can Be Played” cutting- edge technology has performed this miracle as visitors “Play” the sculpture as if it is a real instrument. The “Sails of the Sydney Opera House” are lit up and changing all the time, in fact Sydney has become a huge outdoor “Art Gallery” and everyone is enjoying the fairyland experience as they travel from one exotic venue to another. With its six year history the eighteen day Festival has gone from strength to strength, and finishes on the ninth of June. It is well worth a visit.

Native Tree orchid taken by Reginald J. Dunkley

Native Tree orchid taken by Reginald J. Dunkley

The search for missing MH370 has been abandoned in Western Australia, as the “Pings” thought to have come from the black box has now been eliminated. Three months have passed since the aircraft disappeared and there is still no trace of it, not even a single piece of debris despite millions of dollars spent. Two dozen countries are searching and sophisticated equipment deployed, however, nothing has been found. The mystery thickens as nobody seems to have answers.

The latest craze in Oz and New Zealand is “Extreme Trampoline” dubbed as the “Free Jumping Revolution” as you bounce your way back to good health. It is amazing to watch as bodies hurtle through the sky and climb up walls, bouncing this way and that. If you have energy to burn a trampoline park is the place to go, crazy fun and all the rage for birthday parties.

Congratulations to the winners of the sixth annual “In Style” and “Women of Style Awards 2014”. This glitzy glamorous affair recently held in Sydney and celebrated with Piper-Heidsieck Champagne, plus lucrative gift bags. Arts and Culture, Beauty, Business, Charity and Community, Entertainment, Fashion, Environment, and Lifestyle, were all represented with women who excelled in their chosen fields inspiring others. The readers choice winner was Jessica Mauboy.

Native yellow bottle brush. Taken by Reginald J. Dunkley

Native yellow bottle brush. Taken by Reginald J. Dunkley

Mission Beach a small village along the Coral Sea in Queensland, and part of the Great Barrier Reef, which was devastated in a cyclone three years ago is now up and running once again. This idyllic location a midway point between Townsville and Cairns, is made up of four beach villages. South Mission Beach, Wongaling Beach, Mission Beach Village, and Bingal Bay, are linked by a fourteen kilometre wide golden beach and each have glorious views across to Dunk Island. With shops, gourmet restaurants and bars, thisTropical Paradise of North Queensland has much to offer including the beautiful fresh fruit, mangoes, bananas, pineapples, citrus fruit, and coconuts, which you can pick and eat. If fortunate you might see a Southern Cassowary. This flightless bird with glossy black plumage, turquoise and purple neck, with a tall brown helmet on top of its head, drooping wattles, and amber eyes, lives in the World Heritage Rainforest which surrounds the area. The Cassowary is the world’s third largest bird, and closely related to the Emu, and Ostrich. They are known to live up to thirty or forty years in the wild. These unique and timid birds are known as guardians of the rainforest, as they disperse seed with their dung. One hundred and fifty rainforest plants rely on them, especially the seeds of large fruit species. Sadly they are an endangered species threatened by habitat loss and road deaths.


Lorikeets. Taken by Reginald J. Dunkley

Australian surfer twenty three year old Sally Fitzgibbons, has staked a claim for the world title with a second consecutive tour victory in winning the Fiji Pro. Next stop is the U.S. Open title from July 27. Good Luck Sally.

For those interested in Royal Romance, the complete story of Wallis and The Prince of Wales is a fascinating read. My narrative Poem “Wallis the Woman I Love” is available on line at Amazon, Xlibris, and www.patriciaseartworld. Released in 2013 it is proving a favourite.

On the home front there have been lots of birds in the garden including a beautiful pair of shiny black Ravens, larger than the crow and not regular visitors. They did not stay long but had a drink of water, sat on the wall and then flew away, much to the relief of the lorikeets. My Yellow Wattle Bird is an absolute sweetie and we have hand feeding sessions during the day. He calls me and I go running.

Cheers. Patricia.

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