asdaDo you and your children enjoy shopping together, or is it a nightmare?
When you see a screaming child, they’re often being ignored by their mother, either through embarrassment or lack of interest!
Shopping is probably boring for you, so imagine how your children feel.
For goodness’ sake, talk to them!
Here are a few games to make your supermarket visits fun for both of you!
Plan a Theme before you go in the store.
The shopping trolleys, which let’s face it must be pretty uncomfortable to sit in, are magic trolleys.
Take a small cushion or folded blanket to pad the seat.
What will the shopping trolley be today?
It’s a princess’s carriage. You have to buy the food for entertaining the important guests in a far-away land.
It’s an army tank. You need provisions for camping for 6 months.
The dolls are having a tea-party. They like Fairy Cakes, Little Gem biscuits, and other tiny things to eat.
It’s a space-ship carrying food to another planet for 2 years.
There’s been a ship-wreck and it’s a boat travelling to a desert island.
Pick out things that you’ll need, checking use-by dates and price.
It’s useful to carry a pen and paper.
Carry a shopping list and see who can spot things first.
Look out for 10 items with animals on the front.
Find 10 blue things. (Change the colour each time you visit.)
Go through the alphabet. (Apples, Bananas, Cucumbers, Dates, etc.)
tantrumInvolve your child in the shopping. Ask their opinion. (Implied choice is a good idea!) What would they like for dinner, chicken or fish? Would they prefer jacket potatoes or chips? Which potato is best, the large red or the small white? And which vegetables would be nice? What about salad? Point out the variety of colours.
Choose a meal in different colours. Don’t worry if they choose strawberries, for instance, to go in a salad. You’ll find that it works with a good salad dressing, especially with Balsamic vinegar.
Supermarkets have an amazing choice of products nowadays.
Ask which loaf of bread they fancy. Point out the huge difference in prices. Let them make the choice. They’ll enjoy eating it more.
Find the cheapest and the dearest loaf, biscuits, etc. Change the item every time.
Count how many different countries the products are imported from. Write them down. When you get home, look them up in an atlas.
Spot the security cameras. Tell them they’re on TV and wave.
Wave to other children in shopping-trolleys. Count how many children you pass.
Ask if you’ve remembered everything.
Don’t buy treats. Give your child some pocket money and let them choose what they want to buy, whether it’s a packet of biscuits or a roll of Sellotape! Don’t give them any extra money if it costs more. And don’t reward them if they behave badly!
Let them take their time to choose what they want. Make them pay for their own shopping and have their bag and receipt, and let them keep the change. It can be added on to their next visit.
If you make shopping fun they’ll learn to understand prices and nutrition. They’ll look forward to their meals. And they’ll look forward to their next visit.  And so will you, instead of dreading it!

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