bb1£21 for a Saturday night ticket to see the best tribute band on the circuit. Now that’s entertainment.

Two Blues Brothers, two powerful backing lady singers, and a seven piece band. That was the entertainment on a February Saturday night at the south coast Eastbourne Royal Hippodrome Theatre.

All the songs from the movie, plus many more, displayed the versatility of the performers. Not one bad note throughout, but they were loud notes. From the back of the stalls all was clear, no hearing loop necessary. bb2The two lead male singers stayed on stage dancing and singing throughout, movements in unison, wearing the trademark black hats, shades, white shirts, and loose thin black ties. Did they change their outfits at half time? Who knows, they look the same all the time. The girl singers had costume change after the interval however.

The two Blues Brothers interacted with the audience, at some stage dancing with the better looking young ladies. It’s not easy climbing down from the stage, but, hey, they’re young and athletic.

bb3Two guitars, keyboard, drums, and a rhythm section of trumpet, trombone and sax. They call themselves the Chicago Blues Brothers, are the official tribute act, with many awards.

All eleven come from Yorkshire, travelling to Eastbourne and back in a day. No rush to get away, they stayed to chat in the foyer to the audience afterwards. They may be booked for another Eastbourne Royal Hippodrome date in 2015. The recent large enthusiastic audience will ensure more ticket sales.

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