Every year I go to the Destinations Show at Earls Court.
It’s a smallish, friendly show with lots of interesting stands.
The trouble is the boring old people who go. I’m sure that some of them only come out once a year, and use it as a chance to bore the pants off everyone within a yard’s voice range!
The poor sales people on the stands have to listen over and over again to these old people’s history of holidays. Their eyes glaze over and they force a smile on their faces.
earlscourtmedMy friend went off and came back again, and said she’d waited behind one old man who was rambling on about a holiday when he was six!
Old people are so selfish and self-centred too. They don’t care about other people queuing behind them while they ramble on. And they’re totally unaware of the painfully bored expression on their victim’s face while they drone on and on.
I often rescue sales people whose face lights up at the sight of me and shout, Oh, excuse me a minute! to shut up the Old Person, who usually shuffles away to bore his next victim. But some of them stubbornly wait, to return to their holiday tales when I’ve gone.
Don’t think, Aaah, poor Old Person, they’ve paid to get in and it’s probably their only outing for ages. They’re actually depriving businesses of customers while they jam their bodies in front of everyone and drone on for ages about themselves. Most potential customers will move onto another stand and perhaps book a holiday there instead.
This year I had a deep-fried caterpillar on an African stand. Acceptable, but the legs stuck in my teeth!
On the Albanian stand I mentioned Norman Wisdom and the young lady’s face lit up. She’d seen almost every film that he made.
She told me he’s known as Pigskin in Albania!
Sadly though Destinations won’t be at Earls Court any more as the old building is due to be demolished, which is a terrible loss for London. So it’s back to Olympia, where it used to be held. And dear old Earls Court will be a block of flats, or something like that. What a shame!
Maybe they’ll make it an Old People’s Home. They can all move in there and talk about when they used to visit Earls Court’s holiday shows, then they can discuss their lifetime’s holidays with each other.

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