jiveaces1hippodromesmlSix men in baggy, mustard coloured suits, a platinum blonde in a figure hugging dress, and an evening of exhausting exhilaration for the audience, that was last Saturday at the Royal Hippodrome Theatre, Eastbourne, on the Sussex coast.

The Jive Aces had their first concert 25 years ago in January 1989, have been on numerous television shows, and for some strange reason were on Britain’s Got Talent. They have more than sufficient talent to have won in 2012, it’s that they are too good.

jiveaces2The six men and one lady singer are multi-talented, with the musicians playing a variety of instruments. The six staple keyboard, trumpet, trombone, sax, double base and drums were implemented with another half dozen instruments, and I didn’t hear one bad note all evening.

Swing, jive, R&B, all you would expect, in the second half came skiffle. And then my highlight, the classic Big Noise From Winetka, played like I have never heard before. Yes, drums and double base, but the drums on the double base as well.

jiveaces5Jive Aces were at Eastbourne bandstand summer 2013, returning summer 2014. Over 400 in the previous audience, so make sure that you look out for their tickets going on sale. I will.



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