If you’ve read my timeshare article, you’ll realise that Azure is a Timeshare Co.
We’re publishing their January Offer because I know a lot about Timeshare.
They’re offering a week’s holiday in the Radisson Hotel, Golden Sands for £99 A COUPLE!
Your first thought will be, is it genuine?
Yes, it’s a completely genuine offer.
So what’s the catch? There has to be a catch, £99 per couple in a 5-star resort?!


No, it’s not a catch. It’s an offer. The Radisson is a huge resort. But even if it’s nearly empty it has to be fully staffed. The shops, restaurants, spa, pool, etc are all open, the electricity bill has to be paid, and life carries on as though it’s completely full.
There’s an old law that says that Timeshare Companies aren’t allowed to advertise.
So the only way that they can make you aware of what they’re offering is to invite you to try it. And such is the way of the human mind, if they offered it completely free, a lot of people wouldn’t even bother to turn up! So the £99 cost is an obligation on your part, to make sure you go there.
And, yes, you have to book and pay for your flights.
The Sales Reps want to sell a week’s Timeshare or they don’t eat! They all work on commission only.
In return for your week, You must agree to attend a talk about the hotel on your last day.
Sure, they’ll try to sell you a week’s Timeshare, while feeding you food & drink, but you can say No, can’t you? Most people do!
Will they pester you all the time during your week’s holiday?
The Radisson’s huge. It’s a hotel. Guests stay there.
For a start, the reps will have absolutely no idea who you are. No, they don’t go around pestering the guests.
They work in a completely separate room. You’ll only see them when they’re walking around, showing people round.
My advice? Don’t worry that you’re being a bit naughty, accepting their offer when you have no intention of buying a week’s Timeshare.
It really is an absolutely gorgeous place to stay. You can enjoy what Malta has to offer.
You’ll probably spend money in the hotel, on drinks and meals.
Each apartment has a kitchen, and there’s a supermarket in the hotel.
There are a lot of shops in villages in each direction, a couple of excellent bars beside the beach, and fruit and veg stalls beside the road.
When you leave, you’ll probably tip the maid.
And when you get home, you’ll tell your friends and family about it.
Not everyone can take up the offer. You have to be home-owners with a good credit-rating. They don’t want to waste their time and yours.
If you do fancy returning there every year, it’s a good investment, or you swap your week and go to another country.
So go and enjoy yourself with a clear conscience. It’s an absolutely above-board offer.
Trust me. I’m a Food & Travel Writer!

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